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Why Handmade Pottery?

I work with porcelain and stoneware which are fired in reduction in the downdraft gas kiln that I built brick-by-brick. I create unique handmade pottery items meant to be held, touched, felt.

As a child, I learned the importance of fostering community by watching–and eventually helping–my father run a restaurant in a tiny tourist town. Over pastries and dishes, I learned to reach out to people as well as gather them in.

While raising two children, family dinner became paramount. Our dining room table always has an extra chair. With no subject off limits, we entertain a wide range of discussions, both whispered and shouted.

This is why I make pots. I want to draw people in, I want you to gather, touch, interact, and then carry that on. Pull up a chair. Eat well. Drink well. Bring your thoughts on art, love, travel, family.

Buen Provecho


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